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TLM8: the leader in weight transmitters

8 independent channels to monitor, mediate and communicate. A charismatic leader who always gives the best of itself on the pitch.

TLM8: the leader in weight transmitters

It is charismatic in all kinds of situations

As a leader, TLM8 feels responsible for the success of a project and goes the extra mile for the weighing systems in which it is called on to work together.

It does this with its ability to draw together and communicate; it focuses on the most relevant problems and solves them quickly.

What makes it a leader?

Is always on the front line

A leader doesn’t hesitate in the face of difficulties but tackles problems in the field, alongside his team members.

This is what TLM8 does, which gives the best of itself even when mounted to the back panel, but it really expresses itself fully when installed in the field.                                              

Ideal in situations where the PLC is far from the weighing system (for example in a tank depot), TLM8 brings them closer ensuring an effective communication.

Remaining next to the structure to be weighed, it receives and supports the very fragile electrical signal of the load cells, and ensures that the stronger one of the fieldbus can travel undisturbed even over long distances, thus taking its reprocessed message to the PLC.



It is reliable and can innovate itself

The reliability of the TLM8 in field installation is guaranteed by the polycarbonate box housing it, which ensures a perfect seal thanks to:

  • IP67 protection rating;
  • the back of the box with M16x1,5 cable glands and PVC fittings.
TLM8 weight transmitter in IP67 box, also in the version with external keyboard. Cable glands and PVC fittings for sheathing.

TLM8 in IP67 box, also in the version with external keyboard. Cable glands and PVC fittings for sheathing.

The CASTL8I hygienic weight transmitter, with IP69K stainless steel box, certified to 3-A Sanitary Standards



TLM8 never stops, it is constantly evolving to always face new challenges and put itself at the service of even the most demanding sectors.

In fact, it is now also available in the CASTLM8I 3A hygienic version with IP69K stainless steel box, which can be perfectly sanitized and certified according to the 3-A Sanitary Standards.

It receives, joins, translates and transmits

TLM8 knows how to mediate and communicate; it relates the weighing system and the PLC, harmonizing their different languages.

To achieve this, it interfaces with as many as 14 different fieldbuses, it has 3 digital inputs and 5 relay outputs; by default it has an RS485 ModbusRTU serial port and, upon request, a 16 bit analog output.

Identifies the problems...

There is no complexity or challenge that TLM8 is unwilling to face and solve to make everyone's job easier.

When installed in the field near the weighing system, it avoids using the junction box: it becomes a “smart” junction box itself, thanks to the integrated functions of diagnostics and digital equalization, which equalizes the response of the connected load cells.

Not sure how to equalize? 

Screen of the graphic display of the LAUMAS TLM8 weight transmitter.


…and solves them

The backlit LCD graphic display facilitates diagnostics.

This is thanks to the graphic representation of the operation of the 8 channels, of the load distribution and of the response signal in mV on each active channel.

Diagnostics is made even more immediate by the TEST key, an exclusive shortcut that allows accessing it directly without having to go through the instrument menu.

Certifies its results

Its skills are tangible and proven:

  • OIML R76 (NAWI) certification;
  • UL certification (compliant with U.S. and Canadian regulations);
  • EAC certification, compliant with the regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan);
  • 3-A Sanitary Standard Certification.

Do you want to test its charisma?