The spaces

Our headquarters


LAUMAS has recently inaugurated the new company headquarters, following important expansion and renovation works necessary to meet the multiple needs of a growing company that has a focus on continuous improvement. Today LAUMAS covers an area of 4,000 m2 and has new modern and high-quality spaces for the company itself. These spaces are vital for the improvement of all production activities

which enable LAUMAS to constantly improve the quality and innovation of its products and the range of services it offers its customers. They are spaces designed and built with attention to the environment, the local area, the wellbeing of our employees and all stakeholders. They are spaces that reflect the values of LAUMAS and highlight its strengths.

Metrology Laboratory

LAUMAS can offer the service of calibration of load cells with the issue of the relevant certificates (according to UNI EN ISO 376 and ASTM E 74) or with calibration reports (ISO 9001) thanks to the new metrology laboratory that will soon be in the process of accreditation by Accredia.

The laboratory, which is perfectly insulated for complete control of temperature (between 22 and 24°C) and humidity (between 40% and 60%), will allow LAUMAS to carry out even more effective and precise quality control of its load cell production.

Training Hall & Webinar Room

Rooms dedicated to technical and commercial training of LAUMAS customers: the conference room, automated and equipped to organise and manage intensive training on the entire range of LAUMAS products and the webinar room, with Cisco equipment, which allows us to create targeted webinars for distance, continuous, simultaneous and interactive training of our dealers located around the world.


The 1,000 m2 of the new warehouse is in addition to the existing surface area for a total of 2,000 m2: numbers that allow LAUMAS to increasingly guarantee the availability of goods ready for delivery and the speed of shipments, which has always been one of our strengths.

More than 1,500 items in stock can guarantee the coverage of sales expected for the next 6 months. The warehouse is fully air-conditioned for the wellbeing of the staff and lit by natural light from the large skylights.

Green headquarters

A system of highly-efficient solar panels has been installed on the roof of the building to produce up to 140 kW of clean energy, allowing LAUMAS to be completely self-sufficient in terms of energy, significantly reducing the company’s environmental impact.

The two charging stations for electric cars installed onsite at LAUMAS are also powered by photovoltaic panels, with the aim of encouraging employees, customers and suppliers to use them and to support an increasingly necessary green mobility. Finally, LAUMAS has also launched the “intelligent bench”: 100% solar-powered, equipped with charging stations and Wi-Fi.

Panoramic terrace

New relaxation area: a well-equipped panoramic terrace, nestled in the countryside of Parma, with views of the Emilian Apennines. For pleasant breaks and work meetings, for the wellbeing of all LAUMAS employees and stakeholders.

m2 of surface area

items ready for delivery

m2 of surface area covered by photovoltaic panels

kw of clean energy produced