The origins

Our history


The foundation of LAUMAS Elettronica dates back to 1984, when Luciano Consonni, who had moved from Milan to Parma, named the company by combining the names of his children, Laura and Massimo, the current owners together with their father at the head of the company.

With experience as a design engineer in the automation of plants at the Montedison Group, Consonni later worked as an agent in the industrial weighing sector starting to commercialize the first load cells. To implement the development of the market for electronic weighing systems, he considered it appropriate to set up the business in Emilia Romagna, a strongly industrialized area and committed to technological

innovation in all sectors, including food and livestock. In years when the market is largely dominated by mechanical weighing scales, the first challenge of the new LAUMAS was to spread electronic weighing applications within industry, building on its strengths: fast delivery and great value for money, trying to compete with the established brands in the sector.


  • 1984

    Luciano Consonni’s idea

    LAUMAS starts operation in a small workshop in Strada Naviglia in Parma, taking on its first employees and opening a sales office in Monza, in the Lombardy Region. Over the years numerous changes of location are carried out given the need for more space to increase the size of the warehouse and accommodate a continuously growing workforce.

  • 1988

    LAUMAS starts to grow

    Date of establishment of LAUMAS Elettronica S.r.l., headquartered in Via Estasi Bruno, Parma (ex Salamini area).

  • 1992

    Laura joins the company

    Laura Consonni joins the company and begins to take care of the computer network, documentation and manuals. The first mail order catalog is published to promote industrial weighing systems consisting of load cells, weighing indicators and transmitters.

  • 1997

    Massimo joins LAUMAS

    After a further change of location, the company returns to Strada Naviglia in Parma, moving into a well-organized and larger structure than the small workshop they left behind. This is the year Massimo Consonni joins the company, currently engaged in the development of the commercial and marketing side of the business.

  • 2002

    The company continues to grow

    LAUMAS moves to the installations where it is currently operational. The headquarters in Via I Maggio in Montechiarugolo (PR) covers an area of about 2000 square meters and has an additional external warehouse measuring 1000 square metres.

  • 2007

    The new Research and Development department

    LAUMAS begins investments that will lead to the creation of the new department of Research and Development, with an EMC test laboratory. It is a significant investment, which reached the goal of acquiring the latest equipment to carry out tests on new products that arise from ongoing research.

  • 2012

    The new product lines

    The benefits of the investments made in previous years in the field of research arrive: LAUMAS completely renewed its range of products, putting on the market new lines of very innovative and completely “MADE IN ITALY” weighing indicators and transmitters that were immediately a huge success.

  • 2018

    Spring: A strategic partnership

    LAUMAS starts a partnership with the company MICRO ASSEMBLAGGI, a leading producer of electronic boards with SMT and THT technology, which allows it to control the entire production chain of its weight transmitters and weight indicators while continuing to ensure 100% Made in Italy quality.

  • 2018

    Autumn: A new era

    The important expansion works at the LAUMAS company headquarters are completed, leading to the doubling of its surface area. Specifically, the new 1,000 m² warehouse, conference rooms, webinar room, metrology laboratory and new relaxation areas have been built. The completion of the work was celebrated with a major two-day event, which involved employees, customers, suppliers, sports partners and the many friends who in different ways are part of the company and have seen it become great.

  • 2019

    The first international training event in the new headquarters

    Australia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Japan, Greece, India, Israel, Malaysia, Norway, Holland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sweden and Zambia: these are the countries of origin of the 30 dealers hosted by LAUMAS for the first international technical training event to be held at the company’s new headquarters. Continuous training and attention to human relations are confirmed as leading factors for LAUMAS in the planning, design and implementation of its activities.

  • Today

Today LAUMAS, a family-run company with solid Italian roots, is a strong, dynamic and international company. The strength and solidity of the values that have always guided it allow it to continue to grow, aiming for success on foreign markets through careful planning of investments and constant attention to research and technological innovation.