Sales Conditions


All prices are given in EUROS.
Prices are subject to change without notice and are always updated on the web site


Prices are with 1 copy of documentation included (1 copy per supply), additional copies are to be paid for by the customer.


Cartons and pallets. Prices include packaging.
The weights of the listed products are indicative, the packaging is excluded.


Paid by the customer: included in the invoice or freight collect.


24 months from the date on the delivery note. All warranty repairs are carried out ex-works in our laboratories in Montechiarugolo (PR). Warranty covers only defective parts and includes parts replacement and labour.
Repair can be performed under warranty if the returned product has not been altered, damaged or repaired without authorization.
No warranty applies to products returned without the original label and/or serial number. No warranty in case of misuse.
Batteries: Laumas offers a 1-year warranty from the date of the delivery note, against material defects or manufacturing faults in the battery.


PRODUCT LIABILITY INSURANCE, stipulated with ALLIANZ (primary insurance company), applies to damage to third parties. Related site:


No returns will be accepted without our authorization. For returns, a 20% reduction will be applied on standard material and a 30% reduction on personalized material. All shipping and packaging costs will be paid by the customer. Products returned in the calibrated versions and options (such as calibration, first periodic verification, certifications) will be credited for the amount of the item regardless of calibration, adjustments and options.


Payment in advance, before shipment, by bank wire transfer. We do not accept credit cards.

Our company reserves the right to update its products without prior notice.

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