LAUMAS and social responsibility

LAUMAS expresses its corporate social responsibility by working with non-profit organizations and charities in support of community actions and charity projects, in particular donating to projects aimed at guaranteeing children their natural rights: healthcare, education and food.

LAUMAS has committed to reinvesting part of its operating profits in support of humanitarian projects on a national and international level. In this regard, it has for some time collaborated with the “God Our Father Centre For Needy Children” orphanage in Timboni, close to Malindi, Kenya

In 2014, LAUMAS financed the following projects at the Timboni orphanage:

  • Design and construction of 3 large stone rainwater tanks within the orphanage; the tanks, built above ground level, enabled this precious resource to be collected during the rainy season; the collected water was then appropriately treated for subsequent use during the course of the year for a number of purposes (irrigation, sanitation, food use, etc.).
  • Construction of a large wood-fired oven able to produce a large quantity of bread, biscuits, pizzas and flat bread for the children in the orphanage; the excess production of baked goods and confectionery was sold on the local market, providing a source of income for the orphanage. Furthermore, the ambitious idea, which provides a framework for this project, is that the children in the orphanage can learn bakery skills to enable them to set up their own initiatives in this sector as adults.

It is our intention to keep you constantly up-to-date with significant projects supported by LAUMAS.



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