Social commitment

LAUMAS and social responsibility


LAUMAS is aware of its responsibility, as a company, to give back to society a substantial part of what it is able to achieve and expresses its social commitment by supporting humanitarian projects at local, national and international level.

LAUMAS and social responsibility

In particular, the collaboration with the orphanage “God Our Father Centre For Needy Children”, which is located in Timboni near Malindi - Kenya, has been running for some time -

LAUMAS has financed specific projects for the orphanage in Timboni, which are aimed at promoting the development of the activities of the centre and to ensure that the many girls and boys who stay at the centre enjoy the fundamental natural rights such as care, food, health and education.

  • 2012


    The meeting with the orphanage takes place during a private trip: Mama Sussy, the director, the young volunteers and many of the girls and boys staying at the institute have big projects, and LAUMAS is grateful that it can contribute to their success.

  • 2013


    Design and construction of three large stone cisterns for collecting rainwater. The tanks, located below ground level, collected water during the rainy season. Subsequently, this precious resource was treated so it could be used all year round for a variety of purposes (irrigation, sanitation, use in cooking, etc.).

  • 2014


    Construction of a large wood-fired oven for baking bread, biscuits, pizzas, focaccia bread and pastries intended both for internal consumption by the children and for sale on the local market. The project, in addition to being a source of income for the orphanage, allows the children themselves to work together and learn the trade of baker.

  • 2015


    Launch of the project to develop an orphanage farm. Purchase of fields near the river and appropriate irrigation pump systems. Purchase of seeds and horticultural crops.

  • 2016


    The first crops are accompanied by a farm for breeding animals. Buildings dedicated to shelter are built, various species of animals and the essential husbandry equipment is purchased. The aim is always to generate food resources to feed the resident children and to sell the surpluses on the local markets, developing a new source of income. Older residents participate in the activities of the farm, thus developing more and more independent skills.

  • 2016


    Reconstruction of the orphanage’s women’s ward, which had been damaged by fire.

  • 2017 - 2018

    Several interventions

    Contributions to support the cultivation of crops and animal breeding activities continue at the farm.

  • 2019


    Purchase of a bus to transport children to school.

  • Today

LAUMAS also collaborates with various local social and non-profit associations in our local area: read the news to find out more.