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WDESK: the chameleon of Weight Indicators

5 models, 5 software and 4 types of installation to adapt to any weighing system.

WDESK: the chameleon of Weight Indicators

The most changeable of weight indicators

WDESK is the most versatile indicator of the W series and is the ideal instrument for weighing and batching, as well as for managing weighbridges.

It has 5 different versions.
Each version is enclosed in an ABS plastic box with an original LAUMAS design registered at European level, which, besides providing it with a high protection rating, makes it exclusive and distinguishable.


Like a real chameleon, it changes its appearance, shape and language according to the characteristics of the environment that surrounds it.
A capacity that allows it to adapt to all the different weighing systems in which it operates.

WDESK changes display

The L/R and BL/BR models have a 20 mm 6-digit semi-alphanumeric display.

There are 2 versions:

  • backlit LCD in L and BL models;
  • red LEDs with 16 signalling LEDs in R and BR models.
The LAUMAS WDESK weight indicator in 4 versions: L and BL models with semi-alphanumeric backlit LCD display and R and BR models with display with 16 signalling LEDs
WDESK G-model weight indicator with graphic and synoptic display


Model G has a graphic and synoptic display.

This makes it more user friendly and allows statistical control of ready-made packages and management of multiple languages.

WDESK changes back

Installation flexibility is its key feature.

It can be mounted on the front panel and in a column, but also on a wall and on a desktop thanks to the stainless steel swivel bracket.

The different versions of the back also allow it to adapt to the different application requirements, making it functional and facilitating its wiring.

The LAUMAS WDESK weight indicator in the 4 different versions of the back.
  • P version – ideal for field installation.
    It has IP67 protection rating. A high level of protection is essential in this kind of installation.
  • Q version – excellent for front panel installation.
    The removable screw terminal blocks make wiring convenient and make it the best solution for this type of assembly.
  • D version – perfect for desktop mounting.
    Its 4 D-SUB connectors are functional for this type of use.
  • ATEX version – suitable for installation in potentially explosive atmospheres.

WDESK changes program

The variety of software available on the WDESK perfectly expresses its mutability.

The G and L/R models have as many as 5 available:

BASE – allows freely setting the setpoint values and is installed by default on all the weight indicators.

LOAD – single product batching software for filling machines and systems.

UNLOAD – for unloading single product batching systems such as silos, hoppers and big bags.

3/6/14 PRODUCTS – allows freely programming the sequence of products to be batched in multi-product mixing systems.

MULTIPROGRAM – allows independently selecting any of the other software according to user requirements.
Ideal for those who want to keep some indicators in stock, but still don't know their intended use.

MANAGING WEIGHBRIDGES - the BL and BR models have a specific software, which controls several functions, including:

  • double weighing (on entry and exit);
  • double/single weighing with trailer;
  • multiple weighing (weighing vehicles with multiple compartments).

WDESK is not only an excellent quick-change artist in the field, but it is also able to adapt to the different needs of the systems:

  • It has Wi-Fi option and 9 fieldbuses.
  • Can be connected to the intelligent junction box CLM8 via serial port.
  • Supports the inclinometer function to read a correct weight value in mobile weighing systems or on-board vehicles.
  • It is certified OIML R76 - UL - EAC - NTEP - NMI Trade Approved Australia - PAC - ATEX

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