Super TLB4: the secret weapons of a weight transmitter

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Super TLB4: the secret weapons of a weight transmitter

Discovering the powers of the Made in Italy digital Superhero.

Super TLB4: the secret weapons of a weight transmitter

A new concept of weight transmitter

LAUMAS and weight transmitters: an immediate association in the weighing sector.
This is because, over the years, we have actually developed and brought the world a new concept of transmitter.

Let's trace a very brief history of how this instrument has evolved over time, to then go on to discover the superpowers of our best seller: the TLB4 multichannel weight transmitter.

A closed instrument…

Before the LAUMAS innovations, transmitters were merely blind devices, without a display and without a keypad, which were limited to detecting and transmitting the load cell’s analog signal to a PC or PLC.

If something didn't work, you had to manually work on the instrument and managing the operations, such as calibration, was complicated and complex.

… that has started talking!

In 2006 our turning point: a friendly interface for reading the weight and setting parameters directly on the instrument, with keys and a display that perform all the functions of a modern weight indicator.

This was the birth of the new generation of transmitters Made in Italy in the TL series, which can interface with any PLC of the major international brands.

The superhero of the family: TLB4

TLB4 is a true quick-change artist: there are 14 models, one for every fieldbus available on the market.

The most popular are the TLB4 Profinet IO and the TLB4 Ethernet/IP, associated with the most widely used and high-performance Ethernet-based communication protocols.

Its strong point is the powerful converter, with 4 independent reading channels ensuring both in-depth diagnostics of each load cell and constant monitoring of load distribution and potential faults of the connected cells.

Its secret weapons

What are the superpowers that allow TLB4 to simplify the life of those who use it?

  • Multichannel;

  • practical interface: red LED display and 4 buttons for parameter configuration;

  • compact space-saving shape with vertical rise, ideal for back panel mounting and suited for multi-scale applications;

  • front panel mounting possible thanks to its original LAUMAS design;

  • compatible with all PLCs;

  • Inclinometer function: compensation of errors due to a change in the tilt of the weighing system, ideal for on-board weighing;

  • parameters can be configured directly from the PC via the free Instrument Manager software

Do you want to explore its innovative character and its flexibility of use?

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