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LAUMAS BESTSELLERS: our products come to life

We are celebrating LAUMAS's best-selling weighing components, the favorites of our customers in 40 years of business.

LAUMAS BESTSELLERS: our products come to life

How does a bestseller come about?

We believe it's a matter of... personality.

We had fun imagining our products in a different light, as if they were characters with unique features and skills.

Start with the story that intrigues you the most...

Load cells, mounting kits, junction boxes, weight indicators and weight transmitters: introducing LAUMAS's most popular products ever through definitely unusual portraits.

Long-standing fiancées and virtuous dancers, an unbeatable champion and a dedicated butler, a loyal friend and a superhero, a transforming chameleon and a charismatic leader, a prudent and successful player and even… a genius.

...or start from the beginning.

"It was 1995, when the CBL load cell first met its mounting kit V10000. And it was love at first sight."