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The magnificent FTP load cell and PV mounting kit

A prima ballerina and its solid and balanced partner, for the most beautiful pas de deux among our weighing components.

The magnificent FTP load cell and PV mounting kit

An atypical…dancer!

The FTP load cell is our prima ballerina.
It flexes and stretches to best transmit the exerted force, and its standard dimensions allow it to be interchangeable with colleagues worldwide.

Holds the stage in every situation

It is a real étoile, the most popular with approximately 43 550 pieces sold over the last 5 years.

Depending on the weight it has to bear, it comes on stage in two different roles:

  • bending beam (for capacities from 75 kg to 300 kg)
  • shear beam (for capacities from 500 kg to 10000 kg)

Although nimble and sinuous, it is anything but slender and delicate: it is used in particular on platforms with 4 load cells, suitable for weighing pallets and large objects.

P-INOXN weighing platform. Angular view that can be inspected with FTP load cell.

P-INOXN weighing platform. Angular view that can be inspected with FTP load cell.

Its substantial corps de ballet

When combined with the right partner, FTP finds the perfect stage in every installation.
In its performances, it can count on the support of 6 different mounting kits, which help it best express itself in any type of application.

LAUMAS PS mounting kit for load cells

PS is the mounting kit for higher capacities.

It is ideal from 3000 kg and up and is the only one that supports loads of 10000 kg.

Its anti-tilt system has a special ball joint with a nut making it extremely strong.


TFPS2000 supports capacities from 75 to 2000 kg.

It is height-adjustable to offset the non-flatness of the structure's supporting surfaces.

Thanks to the ball joint made of special steel or stainless steel, its anti-tilt system is very robust.

 LAUMAS TFPS2000 mounting kit for load cells
LAUMAS TF500-2000 mounting kit for load cells


TF500-2000 is used for capacities from 75 to 2000 kg.

The anti-vibration system makes it perfect for weighing systems such as mixers, which are often subject to vibration.


T12 is also excellent for the same capacity range.

It has the same anti-vibration system and is very similar to TF500-2000, with some minor dimensional and mechanical differences.

LAUMAS T12 mounting kit for load cells

But who is its ideal companion?

The PV mounting kit. Together they stage the most beautiful pas de deux among our weighing components.

Like FTP, PV also changes its costume according to the stage on which it is called to perform.

LAUMAS PV and PV80 mounting kits for load cells

It can be made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel for the sectors that require it or it can be exhibited as PVZ, with a bottom plate and block in galvanized steel, in less demanding installations.

When the force at stake is greater, here it performs in the PV80 version, with which it supports capacities from 3000 to 5000 kg.

It proves to be a solid and balanced partner thanks to a very special anti-tilt constraint: the self-centering foot articulated on a ball, adjustable in height.

The self-centering system based on the ball transmits the weight vertically with no lateral friction.
It always returns the force to the center, thus helping the load cell to remain constantly precise and repeatable.

The fact that the foot is adjustable guarantees instead that all the bases of the system to be weighed lay perfectly on the ground, for optimal weighing.

FTP load cell mounted on adjustable ball-mounted self-centering articulated foot

A solid couple

Together with PV, the FTP load cell treads the stages all over the world and its certifications prove it:

  • OIML R60 for legal for trade use
  • EAC (Eurasian Conformity)
  • ATEX, IECEX and EAC Ex for use in potentially explosive areas

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