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Winox: a winning player and its strategy

The weight indicator that relies entirely on its qualities and improves, with a new graphic display and advanced software for weighbridges.

Winox: a winning player and its strategy

Our winning player

The WINOX weight indicator wins because it always invests and bets on itself and its qualities: it doesn’t try its luck, but plays on the safe side.

It is inserted in an AISI 304 stainless steel container with IP68 protection rating (IP69K on request).
It is ideal for applications in the most demanding industries and in the most heavy-duty environments, where it puts itself at stake by betting everything on its constant improvement.

It gathers all the cards of the chameleonic WDESK indicator and improves them, transforming them into real aces in the hole.

It doubles up

It has the same features as the WDESK for its display, back and software, but it raises and expands in two additional models.

The 2G model has a dual graphic display.

The screen is twice as large as the regular G model, with more space for the synoptic display of the information.

It is perfect especially for batching programs.
Indeed, it allows, among other things, to view the filling level of the weighing system and stocks.

The LAUMAS WINOX weight indicator in the two models: 2G with dual graphic display and G.

It allows the statistical control of the pre-packaged products with machines that are not MID approved.
Installed on an end-of-line scale, it carries out a random statistical check and verifies whether the batch complies with the tolerance set by EU standards on pre-packaged items.

The information displayed is even clearer and more understandable thanks to the 5 languages available: 4 standard and 1 customizable by the user.

The LAUMAS WINOX BGE-model weight indicator, with advanced software for weighbridges

The BGE model, compared to the simpler version BL or BR, is equipped with advanced software for weighbridges with additional features and the possibility of managing:

  • vehicles (license plates and preset tares);
  • products (price and batch);
  • ID of customers and operators;
  • traffic light function (with RIP6100IP65 repeater);
  • open weighings
  • data transfer to USB stick.

The bets that it has already won

1. Has obtained the 3-A Sanitary Standards certification with the WINOX-L/R 3A model.

The challenge that won? Becoming a sanitizable product suited for installation in food and pharmaceutical environments.

•	The LAUMAS WINOX L/R 3A weight indicator, certified to 3-A Sanitary Standards
LAUMAS COD-model digital column load cells


2. It interfaces with the new LAUMAS COD digital column load cells, with IP69K protection rating and double connector output.

3. A new version of BGE software which has improved the following aspects:

  • display interface more intuitive;
  • easy access to the database;
  • barcode to connect license plate/product/customer/operator.

Its jackpots

To guarantee the soundness of its game strategy, here are all its certifications:

  • OIML R76, for legal use in non-automatic systems (NAWI)
  • UL, compliant with U.S. and Canadian regulations
  • EAC, compliant with Eurasian Customs Union regulations
  • EAC Ex, for use in potentially explosive areas
  • NMI for legal for trade use in Australia
  • NZ Trade Approved for legal for trade use in New Zealand
  • PAC, for legal for trade use in the Russian Federation.

WINOX always raises the stakes.
Are you ready to bet on it?