LAUMAS solutions for weighbridges – Free webinar


LAUMAS solutions for weighbridges – Free webinar

LAUMAS solutions for weighbridges – Free webinar

How to build and manage a weighbridge in a functional way?
Choosing the most suitable product combination for every need is essential.

In order to respond more and more to different needs, we have developed 3 new products:

1) COD digital column load cells

2) WTAB BGE and WINOX BGE weight indicators

3) PROGWBRIDGE PC software


> COD digital load cells <

The new COD digital load cells have the highest protection rating, IP69K, and are equipped with a dual connector digital output that:

  • simplifies the wiring.
    In fact, only one cable with a connector on both ends is used to connect the load cell by means of the in/out system;
  • facilitates the replacement.
    If the load cell fails, it's sufficient to unscrew both ends of the cable connected to the load cell and simply screw in the new one.

A brand new solution that guarantees the greatest signal security.

> WTAB BGE and WINOX BGE weight indicators <

The WTAB BGE and WINOX BGE weight indicators enable having a weighbridge with more advanced features:

  • The graphical display condenses more information on the screen, thanks to the combination of characters and graphics
  • The 2 USB ports enable plugging in memory sticks to download data and connect keyboards and barcode readers to speed up the weighing process.
  • The extended keyboard makes it easy to type text on the instrument

The features of the firmware provide the instruments with a structured database to manage:

  • The vehicles (registration plate, tare)
  • The products (price and batch)
  • Client ID
  • Open weighings

>  PROGWBRIDGE PC software <

The features of the PROGWBRIDGE PC software make the systems in which it is used versatile and allow:

  • comfortably managing  2 weighbridges from the same computer;
  • managing a scale from multiple points in the plant and sharing the data;
  • customizing the printouts, also using printers saved on the network;
  • using IP cameras to capture images to link to the weighings.
  • connecting the CLM8 junction box directly to the PC, thus avoiding having to use the weight indicator;



The webinar recording about what's new, will be available shortly.

  • 3 different solutions for building and managing a weighbridge:
    • 1. Basic solution
    • 2. Advanced solution
    • 3. Versatile solution
  • Insights:
    • New IP69K digital load cells with dual connector
    • Weight indicators for weighbridges
    • BL/BR basic indicator for weighbridges and BGE advanced indicator for weighbridges.
    • New PROGWBRIDGE software: management of 2 weighbridges via PC, simultaneous management from multiple PCs of the same weighbridge and more besides
    • Matching accessories, printers, and peripherals     

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