LAUMAS - CoreTigo cooperation


LAUMAS - CoreTigo cooperation

LAUMAS - CoreTigo cooperation

LAUMAS has worked with CoreTigo to equip the ACOPOStrak applications developed by B&R, Austria’s leading industrial automation company.

CoreTigo is an Israeli company that bases its technology on the IO-Link Wireless standard for wireless development of Industry 4.0.

What is ACOPOStrak?

It is a system composed of independent shuttles that move on tracks and thus allow objects to be handled individually in the different production processes.
The B&R system communicates through the IO-Link protocol, like the wireless technology developed by CoreTigo.

LAUMAS’ contribution

Each station, in order to be able to weigh independently, needs to have a complete sensor system on board.

Two of our products have been used for this purpose:

The LCB digitizer is ideal for applications such as ACOPOStrak.
It transforms analog load cells into digital load cells and interfaces with any PLC using the most popular fieldbuses on the market, including IO-Link.
Connected to any load cell, in this case the AF cell, it improves the efficiency and productivity of the system.

Once the digitizer is installed on each individual shuttle of the ACOPOStrak system, it can provide real-time weight information without interruption and without the need to use cables to connect the load cell to other devices.

How is the weighing communicated to the PLC?

CoreTigo has created a number of objects to transfer in a deterministic manner the weighing signal from the system to the PLC in wireless mode, with the IO-Link Wireless standard.

For this application LCB has been connected to TigoBridge and TigoMaster:
a wireless IO-Link bridge with an IP67 enclosure, which converts IO-Link devices such as LCB to Wireless IO-Link, and an industry-class IO-Link master that receives several IO-Link Wireless devices simultaneously.

Thanks to these devices, the weighing signal collected by an IO-Link LCB will be converted and transferred to the PLC in the fieldbus chosen by the customer, both OT and IT.

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