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Forkliftable weighing platform for forklift truck

Mobile weighing: transportable solution for load sensing, weight monitoring, data archiving and printing

Forkliftable weighing platform for forklift truck


Milano Bilance, a company based in Mazzo di Rho (Milan) specializing in the sale, support and manteinance of weighing systems, has to build a weighing platform that can be used both on the ground and as a forkable base to be transported with a forklift truck as an alternative to weighing forks.

The forkable platform must permit the operator not only to transport the material, but also to monitor its weight while sitting in the driver's cab and to print out the measured data directly.

Our solution

How does it work?

4 anti-tilt screws hold the forkable base and the weighing platform together with 4 load cells.

The load cells are connected in parallel to the CE41INOX junction box, which is connected to the TLKWF weight transmitter installed on the platform.

Once the pallet has been prepared directly on the platform and the forkable base raised with a forklift, the transmitter will measure the load and transfer the weighing data to the WTAB-R weight indicator, located in the forklift cab.

The operator can then conveniently view the weight and, thanks to the integrated thermal printer, print out the net weight, gross weight and tare weight of the pallet.

The added value

  • The combination of a forkable base and a weighing platform provides a double use for the operator: as a normal platform on the ground and as a transportable platform.

  • The Wi-Fi weight transmitter transfers the signal to the indicator installed on the forklift truck, with no need for a cable connection.

  • The thermal printed integrated in the WTAB indicator allows the operator to choose whether to store the data or to affix a label with the weight data directly in the pallet.

  • The CE41INOX juction box with an equalization board allows the load cells to be connected in parallel and corrects the weight value on the corners to ensure perfect weighing at any point on the platform.

  • The FTP shear beam load cells are ideal for making a weighing platform thanks to their limited height and excellent price-quality ratio.