LAUMAS supports KilometroVerdeParma


LAUMAS supports KilometroVerdeParma

LAUMAS supports KilometroVerdeParma

What is it?

It is a Consortium that promotes forestry on the territory of Parma.
A group of companies, agencies and individuals who want to finance planting, or to provide land to create urban forests or simply to donate their time through voluntary work.

I take care of you by planting a tree is its motto and it has already planted over 40,000 trees.

Why did we join the project?

Because we are concerned with the issues that the Consortium carries on and we share its objectives, cooperating to:

  • Improve the health of our territory and its people;
  • Reduce emissions and combat the effects of climate change;
  • Protect the environment through real actions.

Sustainability at LAUMAS is already present in our everyday work.
For years we have been seeking to reduce our impact on the environment and to enhance and protect it through conscious choices:

  • A high efficiency photovoltaic system, which allows us to be completely independent from the energy point of view;
  • Two columns for recharging electric cars, installed to promote green mobility, available to staff, customers and suppliers.
  • A “smart bench” powered by 100% solar energy and equipped with charging stations and Wi-Fi.

— Real help: Give Parma new roots —

At KilometroVerdeParma, too, LAUMAS’s commitment was immediately real.

As supporting members we can finance projects on areas made available by the Forestry Consortium.
For this reason we have donated € 2,500 to the “Give Parma new roots” campaign to complete a permanent forest area in our city, in Via Setti.

This is a gesture that we hope, together with the contribution of other realities, will make our cities and communities safer, more inclusive and more sustainable.

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