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What are approved weighing systems (or systems for legal for trade use) in compliance with NAWI 2014/31/EU?

A non-automatic weighing instrument (NAWI) is an instrument that requires the intervention of an operator during the weighing process.

European Directive 2014/31/EU requires the use of non-automatic weighing instruments complying with the Directive for the following use categories:

  • commercial transactions;
  • calculation of tolls, tariffs, taxes, premiums, fines, remuneration, allowances or similar types of fee;
  • application of provisions laid down by law, regulations or provisions for legal opinions;
  • monitoring, diagnosis and care of patients in medical practice;
  • making prescription medicines in a pharmacy and tests carried out in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories;
  • determination of the price for direct sales to the public and the packaging of prefabricated packing.

Before being put into service, instruments for legal for trade use must undergo a conformity assessment and other periodic checks over time.
The checks are carried out every three years for Italy, while for the other Member States of the European Union the frequency is determined by the single national laws.