Zebre Rugby Club

Zebre Rugby Club


Founded in 1973 as an invitation-only club, since 2012 the Zebras have become the new franchise managed by the Italian Rugby Federation based in Parma. The club plays in the United Rugby Championship international championship and takes part in the European cups organised by the European Professional Club Rugby. The home matches of the Zebras are hosted at the Lanfranchi Stadium in Parma, inside the Citadel of Rugby, a centre of sporting excellence on the Italian rugby scene.


For more information visit the site www.zebreparma.it

A sport with strong values. Like ours.

As a recent discovery, this sport has quickly captivated the management of the company thanks to its founding values, which emerge clearly and excite us during each match as it is played.

The contact, intended as physical but also emotional closeness, which is the basis of the cohesion of the group: a precious truth also for LAUMAS, in work as in life. The strong team spirit and mutual support, an essential concept in rugby, without which the team cannot reach its goal: for LAUMAS, too, doing business is understood and experienced in this way, working together where everyone’s effort is supported and valued.

Soon, passion evolved into practical support, and LAUMAS became a sponsor of the team in 2017, with which it also shares a strong drive for internationalisation. And the name of LAUMAS can also travel the world through the Zebras.

total weight of the team members in the 2019/2020 season

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