Australia, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Zambia: these are the Countries of origin of the 30 dealers hosted by LAUMAS on the 5th, 6th and 7th March for the first International Technical Training organized within the new Company headquarters, recently inaugurated.

The event, which inaugurated our new modern and advanced Training Room, allowed us to all-round train our international partners on the whole range of LAUMAS Weighing Components (Weight Transmitters, Weight Indicators and Load Cells) and on the application sectors in which they can be used.

Special attention has been paid to the technological innovations of some products that have been previewed and will be put on the market in the coming months.

We have also provided all the guidelines for the correct installation of each product.

Alongside the intensive technical training, our guests could also visit the Company’s production factory, located in Modena, and learn in depth every step of the production chain that leads to the creation of a LAUMAS instrument, from the assembly of the board’s electronic components up to the finished product.

The final moment of the training was dedicated to the visit of the Ferrari factories and  Museum in Maranello, an opportunity for our international guests to bring with them, in addition to a significant set of technical skills, also a fascinating piece of our territory’s history.

The success of the training, which confirms LAUMAS’ vocation for internationalization, was based not only on the skills and the know-how put in place, but also on the positive relationships and the synergies that have been activated in it.

Laumas has always paid particular attention to the care of the relationships that bind it to all its Stakeholders, with the clear awareness of how meeting and knowing each other are determining factors to establish real relationships of trust with its partners and thus laying the foundations for ever better human and commercial relationships.

For this reason LAUMAS expects to periodically repeat this experience of training based on the meeting, combining it with the high performance training tool of Webinars, which our company has been positively experimenting for a year.Webinars in fact allow us to reach and train partners all over the world in a continuous, simultaneous and interactive way.

In our new headquarters we have equipped ourselves with a special Webinar Room, with Cisco Data Center equipment, in order to continue pursuing the goal of providing an updated training to our dealers, able to accompany the continuous innovation of LAUMAS products and to support their worldwide knowledge and marketing.

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