NMI Trade Approved for Australian market

LAUMAS enters the australian market by presenting its range of products approved for legal use with third parties (NMI Trade Approved).

Through the achievement of these two important product certifications LAUMAS aims to satisfy most of the needs of its international customers.

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is Australia’s peak measurement organization, responsible for maintaining the primary standards of measurement.
If the weight reading of an instrument is used to buy or sell product, or to charge a tax or toll, it must be considered as a trade weight instrument. As a trade instrument, it must be either certified by NMI.

LAUMAS in recent months has obtained through NMI AUSTRALIA the approval that ensures TLB4 multi-channels weight transmitters can be sold for legal use with third parties; the series of W weight indicators is coming soon. Certificates are issued under Regulation No. 60 of the National Measurement Regulations 1999, with reference to standard NMI R 76 (Non-automatic weighing instruments).


For TLB4 series Weight Transmitters click here

For W series Weight Indicators click here

Last update 03/31/2017
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