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What types of load cell are available on the market?

Here we are going to mention the most common types of load cells, which differ above all according to the type of application for which they have been designed.

For a full in-depth description of their particular features and applications, please refer to the blog article "The main types of load cells".

  • Single point load cells/off-center load cells/load cells for platforms.
  • Compression load cells.
  • Compression load cells for foot.
  • Column load cells.
  • Bending beam load cells.
  • Shear beam load cells.
  • Tension load cells.
  • Compression and tension load cells.
  • Double shear beam load cells.
  • Pin load cells.
  • Load cells for wire rope measuring.
  • Anchor load cells.
  • Load cells for foot brake.
  • Custom load cells.
  • Universal digitizer for load cells.