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Load cells and Mounting kits
Custom load cells




LAUMAS designs and manufactures “CUSTOM” load cells to offer the best solutions to customer needs.
Customizations are designed to solve specific problems or meet particular needs of applications in special conditions; even for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (Atex-IECEx).

• Pre-amplified load cells
• Biaxial and triaxial
• Two strain gauges Wheatstone bridges
• Torque detection
• Non-standard thermal compensation and special cables high/low temperature


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ALAUZ100KN/4-20, ALAUZ15T/4-20, ALAUZ200, ALAUZ20KN, ALAUZ20T/4-20, ALAUZ3500, ALAUZ5000, ALAUZ50KN, ALAUZ50KN/4-20, ALCMX2000, ALCMX5000, ALCTL1000/4-20, ALFTZ2200, ALPR100000, ALPR145000, ALPR6000/4-20, ALTRH800N, ANK15T, ANK50T, CA36/15T, CA36/15TEX, CA36/15TIEX, CA50/30T, CACRQ20000, CAL1890KN, CAL200T, CAL2400KN, CAT1000, CAT10000, CAT20/150KN, CAT20000, CAT25/260KN, CAT2500, CAT500, CAT5000, CBP2000, CCX200000CO, CL/CT10000, CL/CT100000, CL/CT30000, CL/CT5000, CL5000M22X1.5, CL5000M22X1.5EX, COLM750.000, CPL200, CRQ350KN, FBK1T, FBK1TEX, FBK1TIEX, FBK3T, FTM500T, FTT300, LANK10000, LANK20000/2, LANK30000, LANK30000/2, LANK30000/3, LANK300KN/3, LANL50000, LANP1000, LANP10000, LANP15000, LANQ5002, LANQ55KN10M, LANQ55KN15M, LAUMZT10T, LBD1-20N, LBD1-5N, LBLK300, LBTB190KN, LBTB500KN, LBTB501, LBTH10000, LBTT30KN, LBTT40KN, LC1, LC2G1HT10, LC2G1HT20, LCMF1000001, LCMK150KN, LCMQ50006, LCMQ50007, LCMX100000, LCMX50000, LCR40000, LCRKDP 200000 N, LCRQ20000LB, LCRQ5005DOP, LCRR120/750KN/1, LCRR40000, LCVF10000KNDOP, LCVK10001, LCVK5000DOP, LDS100, LDS100/A, LDSC5, LDSF30000, LDSK70000, LFDN300/1, LFREN100, LMAN1, LOCK250/2, LOCX2, LOTO5TON, LPCM60KN, LPED100, LPED100EX, LPED100IEX, LPN1000, LPN2000, LPN3000, LPN4000, LPN500, LPR1000, LPR10000, LPR1000A, LPR10PROG, LPR1500, LPR15000, LPR1501, LPR1600, LPR2500, LPR3600, LPR400/600KN-010, LPR4200, LPR5000, LPR5000A, LPR5000S, LPR6000, LPR6000A, LPR7000, LPRA12500, LPRB12500, LPRC12500, LPREURO15500, LPRF25000, LPRH100000, LPRH10015, LPRH10015C, LPRH10015M3, LPRH10017, LPRH100KN/1DOP, LPRH11001, LPRH14000, LPRH15000, LPRH15000LBS, LPRH15000LBS/A, LPRH15011, LPRH20012, LPRH240KN, LPRH25008, LPRH25010, LPRH2503, LPRH2600, LPRH30000, LPRH30006, LPRH300KN/1, LPRH40000LBS, LPRH60001, LPRH6005, LPRH6250, LPRH7005, LPRN2005, LPRQ10000, LPRQ1507, LPRQ2012, LPRQ20KN/3, LPRQ20KN/4-20, LPRQ3011, LPRQ3012, LPRQ3014, LPRQ3503, LPRQ35KN, LPRQ5011, LPRQ5012, LPRQ5014, LPRQ6004, LPRQ65KN/4-20, LPRQ7000, LPRR10002, LPRR1002, LPRR2001, LPRR2001-15M, LPRR2501, LPRT10009, LPRT15000LBS, LPRT17000, LPRT20012, LPRU15000, LPRX20000, LPRY2007, LPRY20KN/6, LPRY3000, LPRY4000, LPRY504, LPRY801, LPRZ100007, LPRZ15002, LPRZ150KN, LPRZ150KN/B, LPRZ26000, LPRZ400/600KN-010, LPRZ40000LBS, LPRZ600KN, LPS10000, LPS5000, LPX10000, LPX20000, LPX30000, LPX40000, LPX50000, LPX60000, LSCA4580, LTD2-200N, LTD2-300N, LTRF200, LTRK10000/2, LTRK20000/2, LTRQ10002, LTRQ4400, LTRQ60KN/3, LTWF60Z, MUZ10001, MUZ1002, MUZ101, MUZ2001, MUZ5001, NIK10000, NIK5000, PRA3250, PRN40000, PRQ2000, PRT30003, PRV10000, PRV10000DOP, PRV6000, PRV6000-4/20MA, PRV6000DOP, PRV6000DOP4-20, PRV8000, SANK5000, SCA30000, SCA50000, SPANK200, SPR1000, SPR10000AM, SPR1000FR, SPR1000GO, SPR16000, SPR2000, SPR20000DG, SPR2000GA, SPR2500, SPR25TONDOP, SPR3000, SPR3000M, SPR3000SCHM, SPR3300, SPR3300V, SPR4000, SPR40000, SPR4200ALP, SPR500, SPR5000, SPR65000, SPR8000, SPRB10000, SPRB10000A, SPRC2000, SPRC4000, SPRC40000, SPRE2000, SPRF3000, SPRH10000, SPRH25000, SPRH5004, SPRH5005, SPRH6003, SPRNUCCI2T, SPRNUCCI3T, SPRQ1000, SPRQ10000, SPRQ10000IC, SPRQ10007, SPRQ1001, SPRQ2003, SPRQ2006, SPRQ2007, SPRQ2008, SPRQ3000, SPRQ3001, SPRQ5000, SPRQ60KN, SPRT30000, SPRT5000, SPRT6000, SPRT7500, SPRU10000, SPRU15000, SPRU20000, SPRU35000, SPRV20000, SPRW5000, SPRZ10000, SPRZ13000, SPRZ3000, SPVX10000, STL15120, STRH200, SVIC2500, SVIT2500, TAL20000IMM5M, TBL10000 4-20MA, TBL15000 4-20MA, TBL20000 4-20MA, TBL30000, TBL30000 4-20MA, TBL30000EX, TBL30000IEX, TBL5000 4-20MA, TBL50000, TBL50000EX, TBL50000IEX, TCC-41000KG, TCL20000, TORA100KGM, TORA10KGM, TORA120KGM, TORA20KGM, TORA2KGM, TORA30KGM, TORA50KGM, TORA5KGM, TORI50NM, TRH1500N, TRILAU, TRILAU2