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Which programs can be activated on the W Series weight indicators?

You can choose from several programs:

  • BASE: program to manage setpoints, without any specific batching functions.

  • LOAD: single-product load batching program with 99 formulas.

  • UNLOAD: single-product unload batching program with 99 formulas.

  • 3/6/14 PRODUCTS: load batching programs for up to 3, 6 or 14 products with 99 formulas.
    The RELE6PROD external relay module is required for the 6-product program.
    Both the RELE6PROD external relay module and the RELE14PROD external relay module are required for the 14-product program.

  • RIP: serial remote display program with setpoint, without any batching functions.

  • MULTI: program that includes all the previous programs that the installer can select on his own. Ideal for products that need to be stocked and whose final application is not yet known.

To help guide you in making your choice, we've gathered the details of all the features and operating principles of the different programs in this blog article: W-series weight indicator programs: features and operation