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Gioco Polisportiva



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The Polisportiva Gioco Parma ONLUS has been working since 1983 and organises people oriented sport activities. Over the years the list of sports offered and played by the Polisportiva Gioco has been enriched and continues to grow, achieving more and more fully the purpose of the association: the physical and mental wellbeing of people with disabilities and their social integration.

Since 2012 LAUMAS has been the proud sponsor of the wheelchair basketball team of Polisportiva Gioco. The team, which was founded in 1984, experienced its heyday in Serie A between 1992 and 2000, also winning the Jubilee Tournament in Vienna in 1994 and playing with distinction in the Vergauwen Cup in ’96. It returned to Serie A in 2015, and is currently playing in the Italian Serie B and has always continued to provide players to the Italian national men’s and women’s teams.

The story of a deep friendship

LAUMAS meets the Polisportiva Gioco in 2010, when Massimo Consonni goes to watch a live game of Wheelchair Basketball with a very young employer of the company on the pitch, Sebastiano Franchina. The agility of the athletes on the court, the overwhelming speed of the game and the strong emotions transmitted captivate Massimo who immediately gets his father Luciano, his sister Laura and the whole family involved in following the next games. It was only a short step from being a passionate supporter of the project to corporate sponsorship that could support the beauty and value of Wheelchair Basket. Since 2012 LAUMAS has been the main sponsor of the team, to which it is also linked, especially through a solid friendship.

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