COUNTING SCALES connectable to a remote weighing platform

欧洲合规标志 (CE)英国的UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed,英国合格评定)认证


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BIL2B6 6 kg  nominal load
0.1 g  division
BIL2B15 15 kg  nominal load 0.2 g  division
BIL2B30 30 kg  nominal load 0.5 g  division
  • Stainless steel plate 225 x 295 mm.
  • Simultaneous displaying of the number of pieces, the average unit weight of each piece, total weight of the pieces.
  • Counting function also on remote weighing platform.
  • Storing up to 100 items (PLU memories), for each item you can store and recall from keypad: alphanumeric description (name), preset tare value, average unit weight calculated by automatic sampling or settable by keypad.
  • 3 backlit LCD display with 6 digits 20 mm high, 7 segment.
  • 20-key waterproof keypad.
  • RS232 port for PC or printer connection.
  • Power supply: internal rechargeable battery 6 V 4 Ah (70-hour operating time). External 100-240 VAC battery charger included.
  • Auto power off settable.
  • Adjustable feet. Bubble level.


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BATTERIA6V4AH, BATTERIAW, BIL2B15, BIL2B30, BIL2B6, ISBIL2B15C120, ISBIL2B15C150, ISBIL2B15C300, ISBIL2B15C60, ISBIL2B15C600, ISBIL2B15I120, ISBIL2B15I150, ISBIL2B15I300, ISBIL2B15I60, ISBIL2B15I600, ISBIL2B15M150, ISBIL2B15M300, ISBIL2B15M75, ISBIL2B15P1215, ISBIL2B15P1215S5, ISBIL2B15P1250, ISBIL2B15P1250S5, ISBIL2B15P1500, ISBIL2B15P1500S5, ISBIL2B15PI1250, ISBIL2B15PI1250S5, ISBIL2B15PI1500, ISBIL2B15PI1500S5, ISBIL2B30C120, ISBIL2B30C150, ISBIL2B30C300, ISBIL2B30C60, ISBIL2B30C600, ISBIL2B30I120, ISBIL2B30I150, ISBIL2B30I300, ISBIL2B30I60, ISBIL2B30I600, ISBIL2B30M150, ISBIL2B30M300, ISBIL2B30M75, ISBIL2B30P1215, ISBIL2B30P1215S5, ISBIL2B30P1250, ISBIL2B30P1250S5, ISBIL2B30P1500, ISBIL2B30P1500S5, ISBIL2B30PI1250, ISBIL2B30PI1250S5, ISBIL2B30PI1500, ISBIL2B30PI1500S5, ISBIL2B6C120, ISBIL2B6C150, ISBIL2B6C300, ISBIL2B6C60, ISBIL2B6C600, ISBIL2B6I120, ISBIL2B6I150, ISBIL2B6I300, ISBIL2B6I60, ISBIL2B6I600, ISBIL2B6M150, ISBIL2B6M300, ISBIL2B6M75, ISBIL2B6P1215, ISBIL2B6P1215S5, ISBIL2B6P1250, ISBIL2B6P1250S5, ISBIL2B6P1500, ISBIL2B6P1500S5, ISBIL2B6PI1250, ISBIL2B6PI1250S5, ISBIL2B6PI1500, ISBIL2B6PI1500S5, PIATTOBAC