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The stories, personalities and strengths of our best-selling weighing components.

Mounting kit, load cells, weight indicators, weight transmitters, Cassette di giunzione

Simple, functional and convenient to configure, it is the most accessible and cost-effective of our weight transmitters.

load cells, weight transmitters

The weight indicator that relies entirely on its qualities and improves, with a new graphic display and advanced software for weighbridges.

weight indicators, Software, Digital load cells, Weighbridges, certifications

A shear beam or bending beam load cell and as many as 6 mounting kits. In galvanized or stainless steel with self-centering system, also for high capacities.

Mounting kit, load cells, Shear beam load cells, certifications, Bending beam load cells

8 independent channels and 14 fieldbuses to monitor, mediate and communicate...also in a 3-A Sanitary Standard certified hygienic version.

weight transmitters, Cassette di giunzione, certifications, fieldbuses

5 models, 5 software and 4 types of installation to adapt to any weighing system.

weight indicators, Software, Weighbridges, certifications, Batching

Solid, reliable and made in Italy. A certainty for every weighing system.

load cells, certifications

The intelligent junction box, in order to have all the advantages and performance of an advanced digital system with analog load cells.

weight transmitters, Cassette di giunzione, certifications, Diagnostics, equalization

A practical interface with display, keys, and 4 independent measuring channels, for diagnostics and monitoring of the connected load cells.

weight transmitters, fieldbuses

Practical, compact and functional. It simplifies control operations and is easy to set up.

weight indicators, certifications

Together they are the best sellers. Lateral force and anti-tilt constraints ensure simple and safe installation.

Mounting kit, load cells, certifications, Compression load cells