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A long-lasting weight measuring system to correctly balance the counterweight and bridge and ensure accurate weighing in real time.

Load cells, weight transmitters, Compression load cells, Construction, Applications, Accuracy

The forkable platform allows you to transport the material, monitor the weight from the driver's cab and print the data directly

Load cells, Weight indicators, weight transmitters, junction boxes, Shear beam load cells, Transport and handling, wireless

4 solutions to realize precise weighing systems and load limiters on new or existing plants.

Load cells, weight transmitters, Remote displays, bridge cranes, Load limiters, Shear beam load cells, Tension load cells

Single-point load cells and intelligent junction boxes: an advantageous, space-saving solution.

Load cells, junction boxes, single point load cells, fieldbuses, Food

Construction of a plant in the logistics and handling sector, designed for weighing pallets on a motorized roller conveyor.

Mounting kits, weight transmitters, Shear beam load cells, Transport and handling

Integration of weight sensors without external wiring on ACOPOStrak transport rails.

Load cells, Digital load cells, single point load cells, wireless , load cells digitizer, mobile weighing