As of today, it is possible to deepen the knowledge of the wide range of LAUMAS products, in a simple and effective way, through Video Tutorials and Webinars realized by our technical and commercial staff.

LAUMAS strongly believes in Videos, as an effective way to describe the technical and commercial aspects of its products to customers and international dealers.

For this reason, in addition to the existing 400 videos, 5 new Video Tutorials have been recently realized, with the purpose of examining in depth some of the most common operations that users of LAUMAS devices carry out on a daily basis: Calibration of Weight indicators and Weight Transmitters, Wiring of Multichannel Weight Transmitters, Diagnostics on Multichannel Weight Transmitters, Equalization on Multichannel Weight Transmitters, Connection/Wiring of the universal Digitizer LCB to the load cell.

In order to easily reach international dealers, the Video Tutorials are available on our channel Youtube in English, Spanish and Italian.

In addition to Tutorials, the full recordings of Webinars, realized over the past months on Multichannel Weight Transmitters and LCB Universal Digitizer for Load Cells, are available for consultation.

Webinars are available in English, Spanish and Italian, divided into Technical and Commercial Webinars.

We invite all our clients and potential customers interested in taking a peek at  LAUMAS world to watch our videos to better understand the peculiarity of our innovative components for the industrial weighing.

Over the coming months, further Tutorials and Webinars will be realized on topics of interest and we remind you that we are always available to answer all your questions that might come up after watching our videos.

Last update 01/14/2019
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