CLM8: the genius of the LAUMAS family


CLM8: the genius of the LAUMAS family

CLM8: the genius of the LAUMAS family


CLM8 is our smart junction box…definitely ingenious.

Multifaceted and versatile, it allows taking all the advantages and performance from an advanced digital weighing system while using analog cells.

With its 8 independent channels it acts as a connection between the load cells and the weight indicator or between the load cells and the PC/PLC, facilitating operations such as installation, calibration, monitoring, and equalization.



The core of the instrument is the electronic board, which acts as a multichannel transmitter with considerable capabilities:

  • Backlit alphanumeric LCD display and 4-key keypad
  • RS232/RS485 (ModBus RTU) or Ethernet TCP/IP outputs
  • Automatic and detailed diagnostics of each single load cell and immediate fault warning
  • Analysis of the distribution of the load on the 8 channels with saving to archive: storage, consultation, printout
  • Digital equalization to standardize the response of the connected load cells avoiding the use of junction boxes with trimmers
  • Archive of the last 50 significant events (zero-setting, calibration, equalization, alerts)
  • Configuration and management via the free Instrument Manager software
  • Inclinometer functionideal for on-board weighing systems, compensates for the error due to the variation in the tilt of the weighing system



It is precisely the box that allows CLM8 to fulfill every wish, expressing its transformative soul in the best way.

Depending on need and field of use, CLM8 changes its guise and manifests itself in different versions:

  • 3 boxes in different materials, all with the IP67 protection rating:
    • Made from AISI 304 stainless steel, for the most demanding industries
    • Made from polycarbonate with a transparent lid, to ensure quality and strength
    • Made from ABS with a transparent lid, for a small footprint and big savings
  • 2 possibilities for those who already have their own box or need customized fitting:
    • Board version with support for Omega/DIN rail mounting
    • Board only version

All the versions are equipped with a surge arrester against lightning and electrical discharges.


Over the years, thanks to its powers, CLM8 has earned internationally recognized certifications:

  • CE-M OIML R76:2006 NAWI
  • EAC (Customs Union Certification) eligible for export to the countries of the Eurasian Customs Union
  • UL compliant with U.S. and Canadian regulations

Its talent in ensuring the greatest flexibility of use makes this BEST SELLER a real stroke of genius!


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