After years of successful collaboration, LAUMAS announces the birth of a strategic partnership with MICROASSEMBLAGGI, a leading modenese company in the production of electronic boards with SMT and THT technology, through the acquisition, by LAUMAS, of a part of MICROASSEMBLAGGI’s shares.

The even closer collaboration between the two Emilian companies will allow LAUMAS to monitor and verify the entire production chain of its electronic equipment, including weight indicators and transmitters, continuing to ensure a 100% Made in Italy quality.

Attention focused on continuous product innovation, cutting-edge technology through the use of latest equipment, constant care for every project detail, product treaceability, attention to territory...are just some of the key points that unite LAUMAS and MICROASSEMBLAGGI, two realities able to better interpret the guidelines dictated by the digital transformation Industry 4.0.

Mise à jour du 20/07/2018
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