LAUMAS introduces big news in the industrial automation and weighing systems field: the new LCB digitizer, suitable for use on analog load cells or strain gauge sensors, even existing ones, is able to transform any analog load cell (mV output / V) into a modern digital load cell.

Thanks to this innovative product, LAUMAS is now able to provide the full range of load cells in digital version, which can interface with any PLC through the most popular fieldbuses on the market: PROFINET IO, Ethernet / IP, Ethernet TCP / IP, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, CANopen, CC-Link, CC-Link IE, SERCOS III, IO-LINK.







We invite you to attend our next commercial and technical WEBINARS where we will be introducing the new LCB digitizer. These are free online training events that can be attended simply by connecting to the internet.

Here you can view the WEBINAR SCHEDULE and register for the desired events.


IoT INDUSTRY 4.0: Conceived with an eye on IoT (Internet of Things), in view of the digital transformation, according to the industry 4.0 concept.

INTEGRATED FIELDBUS ABLE TO INTERFACE WITH ANY PLC: Designed for assembly / wiring integral to the load cell body, it can be connected via fieldbus to PLCs of the most important international brands.

UNIVERSAL USE: It is compatible with any load cell or strain gauge sensor, available on the market with mV / V output and standard ¼ GAS connection. On request, specific adapters are supplied for coupling to the different thread of the cell.

SUITABLE FOR AGGRESSIVE ENVIRONMENTS: IP67 box made of AISI 316 stainless steel with special waterproof connectors, suitable for installations in very aggressive environments.

CONFIGURATION: Possibility to perform calibration, inputs and outputs setting and calibration data storage via  PC software included in the supply. Real calibration with sample weights and possibility of linearization up to 5 points.

INTERFERENCE-FREE: the load cell + LCB system is completely free from electrical / electromagnetic interferences; it allows the installation of the cell without the cable, with no need to follow any particular requirements and eliminating any problem due to the distance between the load cell and the PLC.


Last update 04/16/2018
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